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We want to use this medium to congratulate you (Malam Sufiyanu Bashir Yuguda) for the new task assigned to you by Zamfara Governor Bello Matawalle on Thursday the 22nd of April 2021.

One thing we need to emphasize here is that no one is in doubt of your moral upbringing, training, and parental guide because at least the testimony of your Permanent Secretary Malam Dauran during your handing over at the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday has testified that off course the luxury of power has not changed you in any way.

We understand that the rationale behind the recent hard decision of swapping you with Malam Rabiu Garba the former Finance Commissioner by the Governor may best be known to the Matawalle himself but one most important thing you should understand now is that “you are the new hope of the Governor” by implications.

To say the bitter fact you are trapped in between a journey that just started with a lot of crises, and it is the expectation of the Governor who redeployed you to that ministry and indeed the entire people of Zamfara State that you would surely do things differently from the usual way it was done before.

For us, we quite believed that your job is simpler, but you can make it more complex by your attitude and actions if you so wish.

The ministry of Finance is a very technical ministry which requires people with technical expertise and experience, but that does not mean anyone who is lacking in these requirements cannot make a difference as a Commissioner.

Mr. Yuguda all you need to do as new Commissioner for Finance is to understand how the ministry operate what constitutes its structures what are your opportunities and limitations. This is very important and essential.

Let us remind you that, the ministry of finance by convention is owned by the Accountant General of the state any other person including the Commissioner is just playing a complimentary role. You have to accept this as number one step of your entry to success.

“The Accountant General is the chief accounting officer of the state, he is in charge of the revenue cash flow and also account for the government expenditures”

“He owns the accounting staffers, and they reported to him only. They sent their end of the year financial report to him and based on his frequent interaction with them, he knew the capacity of all of them.

As for the Commissioner of Finance he is the chief financial adviser to the Governor, and he is the one in charge of the state financial policies and also supervise the operational conduct of the activities of the ministry.

Permanent Secretary on the other hand is in charge of day to day running of the ministry’s secretariat. He runs the general administration of the finance ministry and account for the expenditures of the running cost of the ministry.

Understanding this strategic arrangement of the ministry of finance is key to ensuring smooth take-off as Commissioner, and it would guard against friction and overlapping of responsibilities which we had experienced before.

Added to all what we have mentioned to you earlier, we expect you to observe the following steps:

1) As a Commissioner of finance we expect you to carry your accountant general along and allow him perform his duties as provided for in the financial instruction without interference.

2) Allow him to interact and work with his accounting staff freely deploying or redeploying whosoever he wishes since they are accountable to him. Don’t drag your self in to the politics of posting and redeployment of Directors of Finance and Accounting staffers it is not your job as Finance Commissioner it is the job of the Accountant General.

3) This medium in collaboration with other stakeholders have worked harder to convince the government to allow for decentralization of the state salary system for efficiency and now there is policy on the ground which allow for decentralization, please try as much as possible to make it work so that all leakages in the payment of salary would be blocked and government can have enough reserves to do other things.

4) Take the issue of staff training very seriously because modern accounting management and operation requires frequent training and retraining of staffers. You have seen how Zamfara is losing so many interventions and grants because of system in-efficiency.

5) Please take the issue of end of the year financial reporting very seriously so that together with the ministry of budget and economic planning can advise the government on how to plan for a realistic fiscal budgetary system.

6) Deconcentrate more from this data update project of your predecessor it has less impact instead like we suggested to you earlier, try and perfect the decentralization of the salary system so that ministries, parastatals and agencies of the government can take charge of the payment of salary of their staff and also work toward harmonizing the indifference between the nominal and payroll.

7) Desist from creating more enemies for your self, avoid the media in too many ways except on issues that are sensitive to government operations but also be a friend to the media practitioners and bring them closer to you by relating very well with them that would assist you a lot.

8) Contact experts and people with experience to always guide you on some of the decision you take and avoid embarrassing your employer the Governor by turning things he brought in the public. Manage your crises with him in the close door and don’t allow them open to public.

9) I learned that yesterday you stepped downstairs to lead the Zuhr prayers along with your staff this your particular action motivated them a lot. Please build a mutual working relationship with all your staff including the laborers so that they can see openness to advise you lightly.

10) lastly take advantage of your working relationship with your new Permanent Secretary Kabiru Gayari, the man is too resourceful when it comes to the issue of financial management. Let me say, “He knows it all” in that area please, hook him and tap as much as you can tap from him, you will never regret working with Gayari as your Permanent Secretary.

May Allah help you out.

Once again Congratulations!!!!!.

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One of the spokespersons of PDP gubernatorial aspirant in Zamfara Zaharadeen Bello Imam has refuted the rumor making round the public that, his principal Dauda Lawal has stepped down from the Zamfara state gubernatorial race.

Mr Bello who spoke exclusively to the Managing Editor of Thunder Blowers Multimedia Services on Sunday said, his principal Gamjin Gusau is fully on the race and is making all arrangements possible to face the ruling APC if he eventually secured the PDP ticket.

“We are appealing to the teeming support of Gamjin Gusau to disregard such mischievous information, hence Dauda Lawal is fully in the race” the statement added.

He thanked the entire people of Zamfara for their overwhelming support and goodwill to his principal.

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(Thunder Blowers Multimedia Services)



Maru/Bungudu is one of the federal legislative constituencies in Zamfara which is going to be keenly contested under the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

While some of the aspirants are joining the race on their own, others are hiding under the influence of their political godfathers to get the ticket at the level of the party primaries.

Though the Governor through the consensus arrangements has sacrificed the seat to the Yari faction of the APC which eventually it was handed down to Abdul-Malik Zubairu Zannan Bungudu, some other aspirants went either on the own to obtained the nomination forms at the party Secretariat in Abuja while others took the decision of obtaining the nomination forms through the influence of some other power brokers within the APC.

As at now, four aspirants are contesting the ticket of Maru/Bungudu at the level of party primaries which will be based on direct, indirect or consensus mode.


He served as the lawmaker representing the constituency between 2015-2019 and worn the seat for the second term during the 2019 election before the victory was aborted by the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

He is a strong loyalist of former Governor Abdulazeez Yari and has remained with him since the political coincidence of the 2019.

He initially he intended to defect to the PDP after Yari lost his bid to emerge as the National Chairman of the ruling APC but the recent reconciliation which favoured his political camp influenced his change of decision.

He is no doubt one of the strongest politicians in the Zamfara Central Senatorial zone, especially with his existing political structure, which he used in winning the 2015 and 2019 election under the same APC.

He now enjoys the good-will of his political master Abdulazeez Yari couple with the existing state structure led by Matawalle which are some of his baseline factors that may place him above other contenders in the primaries.

But there are those with the opinion that even without the support and good will of his political leader and support of the state structure of the party, he has the skills and political experience of manipulating his way to secure the ticket of the party going by the political precedence that characterized his emergence in 2015.


Abdulrahaman Tumbido was formally a legislative aide to the former Senator Ahmad Sani Yarima and he has gathered his Political experience from Yariman Bakura school of thought.

Before they parted away in 2022, Kogunan Maru has been one of the political pillars of the Gamjin Gusau political structure.

He is believed to be enjoying the goodwill of the former civilian Governor Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura whom many believed will use his political experience to manipulate the party ticket for him.

He has expressed interest to contest for the same legislative seat in 2019 but could not make it.

He said his number one areas of interest if he succeeded in securing the ticket and winning the legislative seat is to empower the youths, support the government to end insecurity and also create job opportunities through agriculture and small and medium enterprises.


Sufiyanu Usman Dan-Mai Sallah is a certified National Accountant with multiple years of experience as an accountant working with the Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto and later Ahmad Bello University Zaria.

He has worked as an Accountant at Usman Danfodiyo University Sokoto for eight years and later moved to Ahmadu Bello University Zaria as Financial Officer at Center for Energy Research and Training up to 2021.

He is currently a Technical Assistant to the Executive Chairman, Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue and also an active member of the All Progressive Congress.

His move to contest for the position of member, federal house of representative for Maru and Bungudu is borne out of the pressure from the youth (his main constituency) and other concern citizens.

As at now, he has no political godfather which is known to the public, and from the look of things, he is riding on the good-will of the people of his constituency especially to secure the ticket of his party.

Many believed his academic credentials and years of experience in public service as holder of HND in Accounting, BSc in Accounting and Master’s Degree in Accounting is good enough to define his deserving competency to serve as representative of the people.

He is also a member of professional bodies including (ANAN), Association of Chartered Taxation Institute (ACTI) and also a member Certified Financial Analysis.


Dr. Bashir Maru is currently a Special Adviser to Zamfara state Governor and also Executive Chairman Zamfara State Hospital Management Board (a man with double portfolios) as he is fondly called.

Before his recent appointment, he served as the Deputy Chief of Staff to Zamfara State Governor between 2020 up to the middle of 2021.

He is a known comrade with years of experience as Student Union Activist who rose through the ladder to become a factional NANS President.

He worked in the various youth committees that struggled in ensuring the election and re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari under the auspices of the All Progressive Congress.

He is a trained medical doctor with years of experience and also worked with many civil society organizations.

Furthermore, he succeeded in bringing a lot of reforms that led to the liberation of the youths in the Northern Nigeria especially in the areas of education and health.

As of now, Bashir Maru has no political godfather who is sponsoring his aspiration but like he used to say, he’s riding on the good-will of the people to get his party ticket and expressed optimism that he will get the ticket through the party primaries.


The main concern regarding the APC candidature for Maru/Bungudu Federal constituency is how to get the conflict of interest among the contenders resolved.

As at now, nobody is certain of what may likely happen because the four contenders are showing no readiness to step down their interest.

The anointed candidate of the Governor who emerged through the consensus process Zannan Bungudu for instance is not too sure as to either if he can rely solidly on the good-will of the Governor and indeed the party (APC) to get the ticket if at all he has to face the three other contenders at the primaries.

He may not be sure again if the Governor can get him the control of the party delegates if at all indirect mode of primaries is approved for Zamfara state. And where direct mode of party primaries is approved, there are too many questions that begs for answer as it relates to chances of Zannan Bungudu.

And what many people cannot understand for now is whether there is an ongoing reconciliation effort championed by the Governor to get the three other aspirants to step-down for Zannan Bungudu and if that is not enforce it means Zannan Bungudu need to wake up and work his ways before it is too late.

As for those who understand the political strategies of Sen. Yarima very well, they knew Tumnido candidature can be a big threat to all the aspirants unless if he has stepped down before the conduct of the party primaries.

As for Bashir Maru and Sufiyanu Usman Dan Mai Sallah if the direct mode of primaries is approved for Zamfara state anyone of them can take advantage of the citizen’s popularity to hit at the nail on the head

May Allah make the race beneficial to the people of the constituency.

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A gubernatorial aspirant of the All Progressive Congress in Zamfara Abdulmalik Garba Gajam has called on the National headquarters of the APC to allow for adoption of direct mode of primaries in Zamfara state.

Gajam who spoke exclusively to the Managing Editor of Thunder Blowers in Abuja on Wednesday insisted that, direct primaries is the only option that allows the citizens to select the best candidate for the Zamfara gubernatorial project in 2023 under the platform of the APC.

He reminded the APC National headquarters that since direct primaries were adopted in Zamfara in 2018 the same mode of primaries should be adopted in the overall interest of giving Zamfara citizens the deserving chance to vote for the right candidate.

“ we have absolute confidence in the President Muhammad Buhari as honest and trustworthy person and also have confidence in the ability of Abdullahi Adamu the national chairman of our great party to do justice to the people of Zamfara. All we are saying is approve direct primaries for people of Zamfara to decide their next Governor in 2023 and anything short of that it’s not justice”.

“I have confidence that, if direct primaries is approved for Zamfara I will defeat Governor Bello Matawalle hands down because people of Zamfara would vote for competency, they would vote for capacity, and they would vote for young agile man who has a blueprint to transform the state”.

“All we are saying is, the Governor should allow his projects to speak for him, he should allow for the government house renovation and construction of airport to buy him the confidence of the people who will conduct the primary election and this is what we called democracy”.

On what plan he has in the event direct primaries has not been approved for Zamfara, the politician said he has a vibrant strategy he intended to use and win the heart of the delegates which he said, he will not disclose to the media but insisted that, he has the confidence that the national headquarters of the party (APC) will approve direct mode of primary election for Zamfara state.

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