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Amiru Maidamma Gusau

There have been mixed reactions coming from different quarters as regard to the recent audio clip tagged as conversation between one of the bandits and a member of National Union of Communication over the abduction of some of their members along Bimasa-Lambar Bakura on Saturday.

Some mischievous persons tried to politicize the audio clip by trying to be negative all the way to the government of Bello Matawalle and to be candid with the situation, what happened to the members of the union of communication in Zamfara must be seen as purely an “act of God”.

I have done a thorough analysis of that audio clip and as someone with multiplicity of experiences, I believed that audio is not a true reflection of a genuine conversation of a real armed bandit being the voice of a Fulani man is not enough to establish a desperate identity of a bandit. The environment in which that audio was recorded was not only noisy, but an environment which dignified a hidden location usually used by the bandits.

You cannot rule out politics in that whole scenario when you listened to the audio carefully, but to be realistic, some political power mongers may likely take advantage of the situation to influence certain things that may cause further confusion in the polity.

But in all honesty, people should be fair to the situation by understanding the trauma involved in the recent scenario which engulfed the members of the union of communication and by extension not misperceiving the content of that conversation to demean the government of Bello Matawalle.

Governor Matawalle is seriously concern about the incident and indeed all what had occurred in the state both in the past and in recent time, and he is doing everything humanly possible to make the situation in Zamfaar more secured.

The past and present records of the Governor Bello Matawalle’s commitment toward managing the security crises in Zamfara is evidently clear with the giant investment he has so far made to strengthen the security forces and provided for them all the facilities required to end the scourge of the ugly scenario.

It is on this premise that I called on the good people of Zamfara state to instead of resorting to blame game continue to pray for the succesful rescue of the abductees and also support the effort of the state government toward ending the insecurity ravaging the state.

More importantly as citizens, we shall learn to be conscious of making utterances that are considered threat to the relative peace enjoyed by the people of the state. Public should be aware that it is not wise enough to record conversations with the bandits and be spreading them to the conviction of the ordinary people.

The recent development is no doubt causing acrimony between the bandits and the abductees because the architect of that audio is sending a bad signal which is capable of causing more confusion than stability in the state.

Every citizen of Zamfara shall be concerned about old age socio-economic crises and support the leadership institution led by Matawallen Maradun to be able to overcome these challenges because it is only if Zamfara state is peaceful that all of us can sleep with eyes closed and be proud of the state.

The abusive insults rendered on the personality of the Governor is the least to be expected. At the same time, leadership shall not be dragged to the mud because it can cause heavy calamity that is bigger than what we are experiencing in the state (God-forbid).

Another point of concern is the manner in which the name of one of the popular Zamfara politician Sen Marafa was captured clearly in the conversation. It is no doubt demeaning to his personality and political carrier,, and it is my humble opinion that such circumstance shall not be taken with softness.

The Senator need to come out clearly and dis-associate himself with these types of utterances made in his support in the interest of sustaining political sanity and building the confidence of the people.

We pray for the return of sustainable peace in Zamfara, and we pray that God almighty will continue to assist Governor Bello Matawalle in making sure that he has delivered to the will of the people.

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Managing Editor


The Chairman of the APC Defense Coalition, Dr. Suleiman Shuaibu Sarki Shanun Shinkafi had lambasted Sen. Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura the former Governor of Zamfara state for allegedly backing Senator Gods will Akpabio’s candidature of becoming the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly.

He said the action of Senator Yarima is a clear demonstration of his unending conspiracy against the North and the people of Northern Nigeria by extension.

Sarkin Shanu in a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday insisted that it will be an act of conspiracy and mischief for the Zamfara former Governor, Ahmad Sani Yarima to back a southern candidate for the post of Senate President when he already has someone from Zamfara and a fellow Northerner who is buying for the same position.

He noted that the action of Senator Ahmad Yarima is a clear impression that he is an enemy of the North and the people of Northern Nigeria by extension, adding that Northerners need to be awakened and rise to the occasion before people like Yariman Bakura nail the region down for personal self enrichment.

“Yariman Bakura has demonstrated his strong and extreme disregard for the Northern Nigerian by supporting Sen. Godswill Akpabio as against the candidature of the former Governor of Zamfara Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar, and we are ready to fight him to finishing for working against the interest of the North”.

“The North West in particular has produces over 50% of the votes that produces Sen. Bola Ahmad Tinubu as the President during the 2023 election and now that our own from the region is contesting for the post of Senate President we have no option than to stand firmly behind him and enemies of the North like Yariman Bakura will fail woefully when the time comes”.

“Yariman Bakura has never hidden his personal enmity for the progress of Sen. Abdulaziz Yari and this can be demonstrated since what happened in the 2019 political race and now in the 2023 election when he worked openly against the success of the APC in Zamfara state” the statement added.

“It is shameful of Sen. Yarima to show his political solidarity to Godswill Akpabio in the open world and his action is a clear demonstration that he has declared war against the North and Northern Nigeria and by the special will of Allah Yarima he will be humiliated for working against the North” the statement added.

“We implore Sen. Yari to remain firm and focus and continue to mobilize strongly for his candidature for the Senate President, and we assure him he will emerge victorious looking at the dynamics of the way things are going, the APC zoning arrangement will surely fail”.

“For record, the President-elect is from the South, the Chief Justice of the federation who is the head of the judicial arm is also from the South, so there is no way the North will allow the seat of the Senate President who is the head of the legislative arm to shift to the South again”. The statement added.

He called on Senator Yarima to have the fear of God and leave Senator Yari alone, noting that God almighty has already made Yari the political hero of the current generation.

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A Kano Senator-elect under the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Kawu Sumaila has declared to that APC zoning arrangement was an insult to the Nigerian parliament.

Sen. Kawu Sumaila who stated this on the National Television insisted that, former Governor of Zamfara and senator elect Abdulaziz Yari remain his candidate for the office of the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly.

He stated that, the National Assembly, as an independent arm of the government, should be free from the control of the executive.

“It is an insult for the APC to dictate to me where I will go in the choosing the presiding officers”.

He added that the majority of the lawmakers-elect were already discussing working against the zoning arrangements announced by the APC.

He urged Tinubu not to allow political sycophants to dictate the fortune of things for him.

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The Executive Director Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center Awal Musa Rafsanjani has described the APC zoning arrangements as announced as an attempt to pocket the 10th National Assembly.

Rafsanjani who stated this in an interview insisted that the culture of imposition of leadership on the national assembly has grave danger to the nation’s Democratic process.

Rafsanjani stated “some people endorsed by the party for leadership have corruption allegation against them, having them as presiding officers in the legislatures will neutralize anti-graft fights and will further erode the public image of the parliament.

“What the President-elect and the APC have done is to completely pocket the legislatures and make them not only rubber stamp parliament but also an extension of the presidency” .

While affirming that CISLAC supported equitable zoning of national assembly leadership seats , it condemned the imposition of individuals on the lawmakers.

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