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Governor Dauda Lawal is to depart Abuja on Wednesday for an executive leadership retreat in Kigali Rwanda.

According to a statement by one of the spokespersons Sulaiman Bala Idris, the Governor will be departing Abuja alongside other state Governors to attend the retreat.

The retreat was organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in collaboration with the Nigeria’s Governors Forum

“During the conference, there will be an enriching learning experience through daily guided visits allowing the participants to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Kigali and gain a comprehensive understanding of the city’s unique characteristics” The statement added.

“The Executive Leadership Retreat would enable leaders to have a guided tour of the city of Kigali which presents an opportunity to engage in urban governance and the management of cities of the future”.

“The process of ensuring urban safety, environmental health, waste management, economic transformation, and positioning cities as hubs of growth will be a key focus as the leaders explore what the city of Kigali has to offer.

“The tour will provide the Governors, especially Governor Lawal, with useful information on how to perfect the urban renewal project that just started in Zamfara State”.

“It will also serve as an opportunity to brainstorm and share notes with experts on important issues.

“Furthermore, the conference will enable the Governors to visit the Kigali Genocide Museum. The visit aims to foster a greater understanding of Rwanda’s journey toward healing and unity, national visioning, and transforming challenges into opportunities for building cohesion.”

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Anas Sani Anka
The deployment of the former Governor of Zamfara state, Bello Muhammad Matawalle to head the defense ministry as Minister of state is not without mixed reactions from the people.

Some presume that, looking at the delicate nature of the security situation in the country, the President ought to have deployed people with military or rather security background to head the defense Ministry so that they can be able to bring their years of experience and their network of experts to help collectively end the problems.

Some are also of the opinion that both former Governor of Jigawa Muhammad Badaru and that of Zamfara Bello Matawalle may also not have the clear understanding of the working of the national security structures and indeed they do not also understand the language and psychology within the Nigerian defense architecture and as such they may not fit well into it and performed wonderfully well.

There are those other opinions I came across on the social media that since Matawalle has failed to bring an end to the decade of killings and abduction in Zamfara when he was a Governor, rationally he might not have positive things to add to solving the national security crises as Minister of state defense.

These are public opinions and, naturally, one cannot stop them from trending and more or less that is the beauty of democratic system, at least one is allowed to express his understanding of issues as they relate to governance.

But for me, there is no better thing Tinubu should have done to Zamfara than to give us full control of the nation’s defense so that our decade old problem of armed banditry can be sued into where it fits and get it ends outrightly.

History is there, since during the days of former Governor Yari the complaint has always been that Governors in Nigeria are handicap because they do not have control of the army and that the theater commanders of the Nigerian army do not usually take commands from the state governors and the Governors always hides under that to offer the common people excuses for winning the war against banditry in Zamfara.

For some obvious reasons and as God may have it, President Muhammadu Buhari domiciled the position of the substantive Minister of Defense to Zamfara with general Mansur Dan-Ali as the then Minister and the record is there Zamfara under Yari’s second tenure suffered the worst kind of bloodbath with Dan-Ali an indigene of Zamfara as Minister of Defense.

Even before the tenure of Dan-Ali we could remember the mass killing in Yargaladima and also Kizara in Zamfara state during the first tenure of Yari again as the Governor of Zamfara the Minister of Defense then appointed by the former President Goodluck Jonathan, was also from Zamfara state and added to that option the Inspector General of Police then was also from Zamfara state Mr. M.D Abubakar.

Former Governor Matawalle then as Governor complain bitterly about the weaknesses of the defense architecture in managing the spates of banditry in Zamfara state and at a point, he had to take the option of entering into a peace deal with the bandits for peace to reign in Zamfara state.

The essence of these historical narratives is to bring to our attention that two qualified military generals were appointed substantive ministers of defense without banditry becoming to end, and no superior argument can convince me that the duo as mentioned above are not experts with the requisite skills to bring an end to the killings in the state.

For me it is not the issue of military or security background that matters more rather the political will, enabling environment for decision-making as well synergy with all stakeholders added with most important aspects of what is required (SINCERITY OF PURPOSE).

Matawalle and Badaru can be better than the so-called experts if the factors highlighted above can be instituted with all sense of sincerity and commitment.

Coming to those challenging Tinubu for not being fair to Zamfara the question I will ask here is: can someone tell me the number one priority of a typical Zamfara citizen? of course, security!!!.

For me and in my candid opinion, President Tinubu has brought it home-based solution to the Zamfara insecurity and the choice now is that of Matawalle the former Governor to do what is needed.

In my opinion, it is not the credentials that matters but the understanding of the governance circle and although Matawalle is not a trained security experts there is nothing that stopped him from listening to the experts’ opinions in the major decisions he will take and if he can be a listening leader with focus on what experts will tell him he will eventually succeed.

I want to remind my readers that, as defense minister, he works with the retinue of serving military experts, the Chief of Defense staff, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air staff and Chief of Naval Staff and under each of these defense outlets there are hundreds of experience senior military officers that championed the policy recreation and implementation.

The Defense Ministry is only ensuring policy coordination and also monitoring the stages of the implementation, simply to ensure that things work well.

Remember also for those who understand the structure of the Defense Ministry, there is a department for both the army, the navy and the air force and each is headed by a director and other retinue of other capable civil servants who ensure that things are implemented to the best of the required standard.

On this premise, Matawalle has a choice to set aside politics and join hands with the current Governor in developing a road map that will bring an end to the killings and abductions in Zamfara and that is the only way he will keep his political relevance alive.

I will use this medium to also urge the former Governor to carefully exclude Zamfara politicians from this new assignment and carefully select the best of the technocrats that would support him to succeed.

All this retinue of Zamfara politicians that have resumed fully in Abuja waiting for the former Governor to be appointed Minister and take control of the Ministry for money making venture shall be sent back to Zamfara and the former Governor should sincerely careful in selecting who work with him for of Nigeria and Nigerians people.

I will advise Matawalle to, as a matter of doing the right thing tried to separate his work as Minister with his home base politics, and this can only be done by constituting a formidable political structure where his political supporters can have access to him even while at home as selective time.

It is also important for the former Governor to find out time and visit home in order to solidify his political popularity because his continued absence from his political home base is telling bad about his political popularity.

On the aspect of the synergy with the government of the state led by Dauda Lawal I think in the spirit of saving Zamfara the former Governor should set aside politics and political differences and join hand with the Governor to bring a permanent solution to the insecurity ravaging the state. When the time for the politics comes , the duo can draw a political space.

It is equally significant for the former Governor to regulate the extent of who speak on his behalf, considering the simple facts that he is now a Minister of the Federal Republic holding sensitive territory (DEFENSE).

Every statement made by someone on his behalf may have a grave consequence on the political relevance of the former Governor. It is good he selects professional information managers that are going to speak on his behalf and even on matters of political concern to the former Governor.

I pray for God almighty to guide you as you take the new path to returning Nigeria to its historical glory of being the most peaceful nation in the continent.

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Daily News




Zamfara state police command has announced the rescue of six women and one year old boy who were kidnapped at Kadamutsa village in Zurmi local government area of the state.

According to the police command Public Relations  Officer in Zamfara SP Shehu Muhammad, the rescue was successful after the police operatives in collaboration with the local vigilante stormed the suspected location where the abductees were hosted.

“Police operatives mobilized to the location where a search and rescue operation was conducted  along Zurmi – Jibiya axis, leading to the unconditional rescue of all the victims  unhurt”.

Shehu said the victims were debriefed and handed over to their relations after they were medically examined

The Commissioner of Police, CP Kolo Yusuf while commending the Police operatives and vigilante for the successful rescue operation, congratulates the victims for regaining their freedom, and reiterates the determination of the police command in riding the state of criminal activities and apprehend criminal elements committing heinous crimes across the state.

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Zamfara State Head of Service Kabiru Muhammad Gayari has led a high-powered state government delegation for an inspection visit to the Zamfara State University Talatar Mafara as well as Abdu Gusau Talatar Mafara.

The visit was informed by the passion the state government has to assess the existing conditions of the tertiary institutions in the state and identified areas that require urgent government intervention.

At the state university, the Registrar toured the delegation round the hostel edifice, administration block and lecture theaters at the temporary site of the institution.

He also took the delegation to assess the 2.5 kilometer green wall plantation initiated by the University.

The delegation also inspected the completed building of geology department, as well as the ICT building and University Clinic that are at the 90% level of completion.

The Registrar used the opportunity of the visit to appeal to the state government to hasten the deployment of academic and non-academic staff recently employed so that academic activities could continue uninterrupted.

At the Abdu Gusau Polytechnic, the delegation inspected the infrastructural facilities including newly constructed administration block, lecture theaters and hostel accommodations.

The Head of Service commended the management of the two institutions for their hospitality and assured them of the commitment of the Matawalle administration in ensuring that academic activities are strengthened in their respective institutions.

He specifically told the management of the state University that, the Governor has already directed his office to liaise with the Ministry for Higher Education and other stakeholders to validate the recent recruitment exercise made so that staff that are cleared can move to continue with their work.

He also applauded the staff and students of Abdu Gusau Polytechnic for the massive turn-out for academic activities and encourage the management to enhance the working environment.

In the delegation there are Permanent Secretaries from the office of the Head of Service, Science and Technical Education, Land and Survey, Security and Home Affairs, Rural Development, Executive Secretary Quranic Schools as well as some Directors in the office of the Head of Service.

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