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The Zamfara State Chairman of All Progressive Congress Lawal M. Liman Kaura has called on the Inspector General of Police Muhammad Adamu to set up a Commission if Inquiry to investigate the refusal of the State Police Commissioner CP Usman Nagogo to attend to their various complaints and petitions filed by the party supporters.

The State party Chairman who addressed a statewide press conference in Gusau on Monday said, they have copies of all the correspondences between the party secratriat and state police command which he will share with the journalists for wider publication to the general public.

Lawal M. Liman Kaura also accused the state police Commissioner of conspiring with the PDP led government in the state to illegally arrest APC members on baseless grounds.

He said the party has written severally to the CP concerning molestation and harrasment of its members but he according to him the CP had never for once resoknded, investigated or even invited any of the APC member to hear from him.

He said the party has written a petition on on the 26th  of November 2019 and the receives the petitioned on the 29th of same month for illegal arrest of our APC members in Talatar Mafara and since then no action was taken.

He further said, another letter of complaint was written to the State Police Commissioner 
 on the suspected act of assault  in the residence of one of the prominent member of the party a former Commissioner Alh Ibrahim Danmalikin Gidan Goga noting that, the culprits were identified but no action was taken by the State Police Commissioner.

Gabdon Kaura further noted that, another letter of complaint was written against one sergeant Jamilu Muhammad with force no: 476221 who was used illegally to arrest APC  members the latter according Gabdo was dated 25th December and recieved same day by the CP  but no action was taken.

He further said the party had also written a letter conveying a court order in respect of the suite no FHC/GS/CS/2017/2018 filed by one Surajo Garba Maikatako and 138 others received by the state police Commissioner and no action was taken.

The APC State Chairman also said, the party has written another letter of complaint against a police officer serving with Zamfara State Police Command by name Bashir Hassan dated 31st January 2020 and also received by the state police commissioner and no action was taken.

He said the party has also written a complaint dated 6th of April 2020 against an attack on the APC members who were brutally matcheted in Talatar Mafara the letter was received by the State Police Commissioner and yet no action was taken.

Gabdo further said, the party had also written a complaint against molestation of  its members in Kaura Namoda local government dated 6th April 2020 and the letter was also received by the CP but no action was taken.

He noted that recently they have written a letter of complaint against one Rabiu Emir and Alh Faruk Shatiman Rijiya  with an audio call evidence attached but still there is no response from the state police command.


“There was also an attack on our Zonal office in Talatar Mafara on 8th of September 2020 and we have written to the  CP yet no action was taken” Gabdo added.

Similarly there was an arrest warrant on one of the party stalwart Alh Abdulmalik Zubairu Zannah dated 3rd September 2020 in which he was invited, detained and arraign before the court by Zamfara CP.

Gabdo also accused the CP of being used by the PDP led government in the state to arrest one of their active members Abu Dantabawa alongside some party supporters and detained them at the state CID on the
12th of September 2020.

He said there was a scheduled meeting between the party officials and the State Police Commissioner on Monday which aimed at having the opportunity to sit down and discuss the burning issues with the hope of getting the whole crises resolve but the meeting could not hold as scheduled and for reason best known to the State Police Commissioner.

He said APC supporters in Zamfara have lost hope on the state Police Commissioner hence all issues tabled before him in respect of APC members have not being attended to by the CP.

He emphasized that, APC supporters are peace loving and would continue to pursue peace and also respect all the constituted authorities.

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Two gubernatorial aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party had stepped down their ambition to support the candidature of Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare Gamjin Gusau.

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Zamfara State Barr. Mahadi Aliyu Gusau has announced his decision to step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal via a statement from his former Principal Private Secretary Aminu Umar Game-Game.

He called on all the delegates who are fully supporting him to direct their vote to Dr. Dauda Lawal in the overall interest of the state.

Two days back, another aspirant Abubakar Nakwada Gusau has also announced his formal step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal.

The party primaries which is scheduled for Wednesday is to be contested between Gamjin Gusau and three other aspirants including a retired Director of Education at the UBEC Malam Wadatau Madawaki and former Federal lawmaker Ibrahim Shehu Gusau.

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A Zamfara federal house of representatives aspirant Abdulmalik Bungudu Zannan Bungudu has attended an interface with the Bungudu local government council chairman and other APC stakeholders aimed at strategizing ways to strengthen the ongoing reconciliation.

The meeting which was summoned by the Council Chairman Muhammad Maitutare emphasized on the need for the APC supporters from both side of the divide in Zamfara to accept the reconciliation in the spirit of unity and progress.

He said accepting the consensus candidate anointed by the Governor is the only answer to showing solidarity to the decision of the Governor.

The aspirant who was a former federal lawmaker Abdulmakik Zubairu thanked the council chairman and all the stakeholders for the support and assured them his commitment to ensuring that the party succeeded.

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By Campaign Committee

(Sponsored Article)

It was a moment of jubilation for the supporters of Dr. Dauda Lawal Gamjin Gusau one of the aspirants eying for the seat of the Governor of Zamfara state under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He has conducted one of the best state of the earth rally with thousands of supporters across the divides driving with happiness to welcome him at Yankara, Zamfara state border town with Katsina.

His arrival to Zamfara on Sunday marked the beginning of a new dawn for the opposition People’s Democratic Party in Zamfara state, as the journey of 45-50 minutes took him over eight hours to finish.

He was stopped by thousands of supporters at the entry of every village and town along Zaria-Gusau highway to wish him well and prayed for God almighty to bless his gubernatorial candidature.

Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare who was looking visibly emotional and delighted with the mammoth crowd that came on the streets to welcome him said he is optimistic and confident that his gubernatorial candidature will surely triumph in 2023.

He expressed hope that the journey from 2023 will raise the hope of Zamfara people since his inspiration is to transform Zamfara state in the area of infrastructures, education, quality health care system, job creation, widening opportunities in small and medium enterprises as well as sustainable reforms beyond his period as Governor.

A young, agile Ibrahim Garba who trekked from Yankara to Gusau said he has high hope for the gubernatorial candidature of Dauda Lawal considering his track record while in the banking sector and his admiration to transforming humanity.

He said whenever he listened to perspective from Dauda Lawal he renewed his hope for the new Zamfara state because of his careful understanding of the governance crises rocking the state and his vision of how he want to create new opportunities for Zamfara state.

Another young woman Fatima who stood for hours at Gusau Hotel round about to welcome Dr. Dauda said many people she interacted with have raised new hope in the aspiration of Dauda Lawal which is ringing bell. She said the quality in everything done by Dr, Dauda will surely manifest in his administration if elected.

Another Youth Corp member Chineze Thomas said, he has heard about the competency of Dr. Dauda Lawal from many people who worked with him in the banking sector and the conclusion about him was that “he is the best for the Zamfara gubernatorial projects and prayed for God almighty to see him through the routes of success in 2023.

As for his chances in the PDP, Alh Tanuimu Garba a secondary school teacher in Tsafe said, with people like Dr. Dauda Lawal in the party, PDP has become a new hope for Zamfara people.



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