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Bandits have allegedly enforced fine of ten million naira on the people of some selected communities in Zurmi local government area of Zamfara state.

In a special report of BBC Hausa service on Thursday monitored by this medium said the decision to enforce the ten million naira fine was reached after a reconciliation meeting held between the people of the community and members of the armed bandits group in a community based at the neighboring Shinkafi local government.

According to a source, the bandits invited the people of Yanbuki and it’s neighboring villages for the reconciliation meeting and the communities accepted the offer for the reconciliation as the only option of avoiding the constant threat and intimidation by the armed bandits.

According to the source, the recent attack faced by the Yanbuki people is the one launched on Saturday when the bandits kidnapped (35) people who were standing by the road site awaiting a vehicle.

He told BBC Hausa that the reconciliation meeting took place at a village called “Kuryar Kware” and was attended by majority of the residents of Yanbuki, and it’s neighboring villages.

“After realizing that all effort to get the government secure our territory has failed we had no option than to accept the offer for the reconciliation, and they have demanded for the payment of ten million naira fine” the source added.

“We have accepted to pay the money because of our condition. The villages involved included Yanbuki, Tsaka, Maduba, Askawa, Ganda Samu, Dillin Fulani and Kafan Dutsi and people from these villages mentioned were those who participated in the reconciliation meeting and accepted the offer for the payment of the fine.

The source further told BBC Hausa service that, the bandits requested for the residents of Yanbuki to pay for ransom of the (68) persons that have been at their custody since their abduction few days back.

He said on this particular issue of payment of ransom, even the communities and bandits have met again on Wednesday but could not reach agreement.

Another source who is currently in Gusau said “he was asked to pay his (N13,000) part of the contribution every resident of Yanbuki or the neighboring community is to pay for onward transmission to the bandits.

Zamfara State government through its commissioner for information Ibrahim Dosara told BBC Hausa service it is not aware that a fine has been enforced on the people of Yanbuki community but promised to investigate the substance of the claim.

“We are aware of the condition of the people of Yanbuki especially considering their proximity with the bandits camp and even recently security agencies came to their rescue on the threat they are facing. But we are not aware that they were asked to pay ten million naira fine. We cannot confirm the substance of the claim now until we investigate it”.

On the allegation that, the people of Yanbuki were neglected by the government despite the threat they are facing from the bandits the commissioner said, “they have informed you that recently the vehicles of security agencies were attacked and set ablaze by the bandits so if they are neglected—how have security vehicles got burnt? I think issues of saying they abandoned does not arise”.

Dosara further said, enforcement of fine on communities by some suspected bandits is the latest security threat faced by many communities in Zamfara state and that the state government with the security agencies are making effort to see to the rescue of people from Zurmi, Bungudu, Kaura Namoda, Gusau, Bakura, Maru and Tsafe

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Members of Zamfara State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) have elected their new Chairman, who is to steer the activities of the union.

Ibrahim Musa Maizare who was the former Chairman of the Zamfara State based newspaper chapel “The Legacy” was elected alongside Haliru Muhammad Umar from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) chapel as his Deputy.

The remaining seats of the state officers of the union were returned unopposed, except the office of the Treasurer.

The election of the new executives followed the expiration of the tenure of the current executives, led by the Publisher of the Analyzer Newspaper Mai Haraji Altine Salah.

Mai Zare who was immediately sworn into the office alongside other executives, thanked the members of the state council for having confidence in his leadership and assured that he is going to reposition things in the union for a sustainable change.

He promised to come up with innovation that will transform the union and reposition it to be more sound like before and called for continued cooperation from all the members of the union.

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The Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Zamfara state Faruk Ahmad Shatiman Rijiya has challenged those in the APC to prove whether the embattled eighteen seater bus they were making noise over was personally donated to him by Governor Matawalle or for the office of the PDP Publicity of Secretary.

Shatima who declared this during a Press Conference in Gusau on Friday said, contrary to the noise making round the public, he has never, for once, begged Governor Matawalle to dash him a car instead, the Governor personally feels he wanted to donate the car to him because of the role he played during his electioneering campaigns in 2019.

“If they wanted the car to be returned as claimed, let them tell the world how the Governor donated out the car to me through late Ibrahim Mallaha of blessed memory. The Governor gave the car to late Mallaha for onward handing over to me as personal donation, and I am certain if they met the him, he will confirm this to them.

“I am not in politics for vehicle, asked those who were with us in 2019. I used my personal Peugeot (406) to move with the Governor throughout the campaign period. I was not paid even money for fuel and the Governor knew that, and may be in his wisdom that was why he decided to dash me a vehicle I did not beg for”.

On the new security measures taken by the Governor, Shatiman Rijiya said he is sure the measures are targeted at the supporters of the PDP and because election is approaching, noting that they have every reason to entertain fear.

If the measures are initiated to get the lives of the typical Zamfara citizen better and secured, PDP will welcome the idea but noted that, under the current situation, the party and its members are not confident enough with the Governor’s pronouncement.

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The Zamfara State Secretary of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Faruk Ahmad Shatiman Rijiya has called on Governor Bello Matawalle to desist from insulting PDP because it was the platform he used to become the Governor of Zamfara state in 2019.

Shatiman Rijiya who stated this during a Press Conference on Friday reminded Governor Bello Matawalle that, the certificate of return issued to him by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was bearing the name of the PDP not APC the political party he defected to.

He described as morally wrong for the Governor to be rendering insult on the party that produces him as a substantive Governor, noting that even the people who are very familiar with his political antecedent and how he emerged as the Governor of Zamfara would not be happy with him abusing his original political platform.

He added that, PDP will continue to watch things as they unfold in Zamfara and continue to raise alarm where right decisions are not taken in the overall interest of the people of the state

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