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“You insulted Governor Matawalle I swear to God I must cut off your penis,” Aliyu Alhazzai burst while hitting hard blow on the person accused of insulting Governor Bello Matawalle”.

Zamfara people are still surprise at the continued silence of the state government especially Governor Matawalle whose alleged audio conversation with the commander of Zamfara Road Traffic Agency ZAROTA has been trending which to many has added weight in to the leadership crises rocking the state.

In that audio, the alleged voice, the Governor has encouraged the Commandant to arrest anyone who challenged him or his government and went to an extent of assuring the commander that he would facilitate the construction of a detention cell for him.

In the recent video that went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms, same Aliyu Alhazai had been caught on camera threatening to cut off the penis of a state citizen for allegedly insulting the state governor, Alhaji Bello Matawalle, on Facebook.

In that same video Alhazzai was caught punching the alleged critic of the Governor dehumanizing him in the open while he proudly speaks with anxiety about his readiness to crash down at anybody who challenged the Governor or the government he is running.

The victim, who tried to protect his face from the attack, denied being behind the offending posts.

Even though the suspect has made effort to defend himself that his facebook account was hacked Aliyu Alhazzai chooses to continue hitting him blow to blow as if he was sent from the heaven.

Although the video was shot at night, which made it difficult to identify the victim of the attack, the face of the government official was clear in the video.

Even while the official forced the man into the back seat of a parked car, his victim maintained that he had reported the hacking of his account to the appropriate authority.

Another video of the same government official is also circulating, in which he was seen grabbing the neck of another man he accused of attacking the Governor while a second person knelt down before him, pleading.


As per as this medium is concern it is in the best interest of the Governor to react to this recent scenarios especially the alleged audio conversation that linked him to an anti-masses decision.

The audio also is softly confirming the allegation of political persecution as popularized by the opposition since the Governor himself encouraged what he termed “operations against the opponents”.

And it is our own opinion that, the Governor should hasten the removal of Alhazai from his statutory position as State Commandant of ZAROTA if he sincerely mean well for his people because the attitude of Alhazzai is an open disgrace to the entire people of the state.

The attitude has also generated bad reactions from those outside the state as they continue to extend messages of mockery to many of us.

We want to say for the record if Matawalle refuses to remove Aliyu Alhazai and allow him to continue to intimidate and harass the innocent people he should be ready to pay for the price of his refusal to taking the bold step”.

Leadership is not a child play it should be handled with all sense of responsibility and a good leader is he who shows concern whenever the dignity of his people is threatened.

We think the earlier Governor Matawalle act in saving his imagery and the imagery of the government he runs the better for his political prospects.

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Members of Zamfara state house of assembly has passed into law amended Bill for a Law to amend the Area Development Council Establishment Act Law No(7).

The development followed the delivery of
committee report by the house leader Faruk Musa Dosara who doubled as the Chairman of the house standing committee on local government.

With the new development, the qualifications for someone to be appointed as administrator of Area Development Council is senior living certificate .

The new law also stated that, the person to be appointed as Administrator for the Area Development Council must attain the age of (25) years.

The new amendment had also provided that, funds for the execution of development projects be credited to the account of the area development Council directly.


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Three additional nominees for the post of Special Advisers have been screened by the members of the state house of assembly.

The nominees are Malam Sahabi Ahmad Mada, Dr. Nura Makwashe and Malan Shehu Garba.

Until his appointment, Dr. Makwashe is an academic staff working with the Bayero University Kano and also worked with BBC London during his study days in the United Kingdom.

According to the House Spokesperson Nasiru Usman Biyabiki the screening followed an executive communication received from the office of the Secretary to the State Government.

Presenting the nominees before the members, the house leader, Hon. Faruk Musa Dosara urged his colleagues to accept the nomination and confirm the appointment of the nominees.

Speaker Nasiru Magarya confirmed the nomination of the candidates as unanimous decision of the house.

Magarya urged the nominees to bring their experience to bear and justify the confidence reposed on them in ensuring the sustainable development of the state.

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A Bill for an act to establish Zamfara State Anti Thuggery Agency scales through first and second readings on the floor of the state house of assembly on Tuesday.

According to the House Spokesperson Nasiru Usman Biyabiki, the proposed executive Bill was presented on the floor of the house by the House Leader Faruk Musa Dosara.

After extensive deliberation, Biyabiki said, the Bill scales through first and second readings and later presented before the standing Committee on justice and security for further legislative consideration.

“Hon. Magarya said, if established vthe Agency will among other things complement the security agencies’ efforts in curtailing anti-thuggery activities and other social vices in the state” Biyabiki added.

Speaker Magarya called on the committee members to work hard and accomplish the assigned responsibilities within the stipulated period.


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