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The Deputy Governor of Zamfara State Mahadi Aliyu has declared that his impeachment as Deputy Governor of Zamfara State is a tasking job.

Mahadi who stated this during a media briefing explained that, he will remain in PDP the party that produced him as Deputy Governor no matter the circumstance noting that since the returns to democracy in 1999 it has been the party that he and his father has been suffering for.

“My impeachment is tasking and since Allah has brought me to this position how is this possible for someone to impeach me”?

On why he refused to join the Governor in the APC Mahadi said, the circumstance that brought the present government which is the Supreme Court verdict is a clear indicator that all what is required of those in the government is to thanked God almighty for the honor and remain in the PDP.

He said the defection of Governor Bello Matawalle would not in anyway affect their working relationship noting that whatever he asked him to do as Deputy Governor he would due to it with all sense of humility and respect.

“The last assignment he gave me was to represent him at Uyo for meeting of PDP Governors Forum and from their we moved to Calabar and returned together with the Sokoto State Governor”

On whether the Governor had consulted him before his defection Mahadi said neither the Governor himself nor any of his associate consulted him on the matter.

“I had been hearing of the plan defection just like you and when the rumour became pronounced people especially journalists have been calling to make inquiries if I am defecting together with the Governor but I told them I am not aware not until the 29th of June 2021 around 6:00 when the Governor finally defected to the APC”.

On how he is going to work with an APC Governor Mahadi said this similar scenario had happened in Nigeria where a Governor and his Deputy worked under a different political umbrella and most a time they finished their tenure together.

“The mandate I signed with the people of Zamfara is to work as Deputy Governor for four years and I am hopeful the Governor would see reasons why he should allow us to finish our first mandate of four years”.

On the possibility of dragging Governor Matawalle to court Mahadi said, it is the responsibility of the PDP National Chairman Uche Secondus to see to the possibility of securing the stolen mandate of Zamfara State back to the PDP.

Mahadi said the task ahead of him is to see how he is going to work to assist Zamfara people and he assured that he will do everything possible to discharge his new mandate as the PDP leader in the state.

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A Zamfara federal house of representatives aspirant Abdulmalik Bungudu Zannan Bungudu has attended an interface with the Bungudu local government council chairman and other APC stakeholders aimed at strategizing ways to strengthen the ongoing reconciliation.

The meeting which was summoned by the Council Chairman Muhammad Maitutare emphasized on the need for the APC supporters from both side of the divide in Zamfara to accept the reconciliation in the spirit of unity and progress.

He said accepting the consensus candidate anointed by the Governor is the only answer to showing solidarity to the decision of the Governor.

The aspirant who was a former federal lawmaker Abdulmakik Zubairu thanked the council chairman and all the stakeholders for the support and assured them his commitment to ensuring that the party succeeded.

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By Campaign Committee

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It was a moment of jubilation for the supporters of Dr. Dauda Lawal Gamjin Gusau one of the aspirants eying for the seat of the Governor of Zamfara state under the umbrella of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

He has conducted one of the best state of the earth rally with thousands of supporters across the divides driving with happiness to welcome him at Yankara, Zamfara state border town with Katsina.

His arrival to Zamfara on Sunday marked the beginning of a new dawn for the opposition People’s Democratic Party in Zamfara state, as the journey of 45-50 minutes took him over eight hours to finish.

He was stopped by thousands of supporters at the entry of every village and town along Zaria-Gusau highway to wish him well and prayed for God almighty to bless his gubernatorial candidature.

Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare who was looking visibly emotional and delighted with the mammoth crowd that came on the streets to welcome him said he is optimistic and confident that his gubernatorial candidature will surely triumph in 2023.

He expressed hope that the journey from 2023 will raise the hope of Zamfara people since his inspiration is to transform Zamfara state in the area of infrastructures, education, quality health care system, job creation, widening opportunities in small and medium enterprises as well as sustainable reforms beyond his period as Governor.

A young, agile Ibrahim Garba who trekked from Yankara to Gusau said he has high hope for the gubernatorial candidature of Dauda Lawal considering his track record while in the banking sector and his admiration to transforming humanity.

He said whenever he listened to perspective from Dauda Lawal he renewed his hope for the new Zamfara state because of his careful understanding of the governance crises rocking the state and his vision of how he want to create new opportunities for Zamfara state.

Another young woman Fatima who stood for hours at Gusau Hotel round about to welcome Dr. Dauda said many people she interacted with have raised new hope in the aspiration of Dauda Lawal which is ringing bell. She said the quality in everything done by Dr, Dauda will surely manifest in his administration if elected.

Another Youth Corp member Chineze Thomas said, he has heard about the competency of Dr. Dauda Lawal from many people who worked with him in the banking sector and the conclusion about him was that “he is the best for the Zamfara gubernatorial projects and prayed for God almighty to see him through the routes of success in 2023.

As for his chances in the PDP, Alh Tanuimu Garba a secondary school teacher in Tsafe said, with people like Dr. Dauda Lawal in the party, PDP has become a new hope for Zamfara people.



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Twelve Zamfara aspirants contesting for the post of federal house of representative are gearing up for the APC primaries scheduled for Thursday the 26th of May 2021

Those who are likely to secure the ticket unopposed are Ahmad Usman Gummi for Gummi/Bukkuyum, Umar Sarkin Fada Zurmi/Shinkafi, Muhammad Ahmed Sani Bakura/Maradun and Isah Muhammad Anka for Anka and Bukkuyum Federal Constituency.

As for Maru/Bungudu, five aspirants are to contest the ticket on Thursday and they include Dr. Bashir Muhammad Maru, Abdulmalik Zubairu Zannan Bungudu, Sufiyanu Usman, Abdulrahaman Tumbido and Aliyu Sulaiman Dansadau.

As for Gusau and Tsafe federal constituency, Sanusi Garba Rikiji and Fatima Mu’azu are to contest the ticket at the level of party primaries.

All aspirants, especially those for Maru and Bungudu are gearing up and meeting with the delegates to canvass for votes ahead of the date scheduled for the party primaries.

None of the aspirants who contesting at the level of primaries from Gusau/Tsafe and Maru/Bungudu constituencies has so far step down from the race.

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