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I am compelled to elaborate on the crises in the publicity committee for the APC Presidential campaign rally in Zamfara because I am a member of that committee.

As a member of the committee, I was also left on the dark as to what actually the committee had planned to do and who was paid for what?

But that is not enough for me to draw a conclusion that there is really a “scandal” that befall some members of the committee because a sensitive committee like that of publicity has many jobs to execute beyond payment of committee allowances.

But can people like Engr. Sani Garba be blamed for deliberately refusing to understand what the committee job is all about?

In my opinion, the answer is CAPITAL NO!! Simply because, the Chairman of the Committee Mr. Dan Malikin Gidan Goga in my own opinion deliberately decided to create this tension from among the members of the committee for some selfish reasons best known to him.

If not, how on earth can you take some silent decisions regarding a committee job without actually consulting other (32) members wirh a view to getting their ideas and perspectives shared to better the decisions and enhance the spirit of inclusiveness?.

I am not surprised because the Chairman operates in same “commando style of leadership” in the sister committee of APC Gubernatorial campaign he is chairing because he has the believed that no one is important to be consulted no matter his experience.

It was gathered that, he allegedly conspired with some “big for nothing” personalities who believed they have the monopoly of media industry in Zamfara in taking some unilateral decisions in the Gubernatorial campaign Council committee neglecting to contact the other members or involved them in the decision-making process.

Those in the publicity committee of the APC Gubernatorial campaign Council in Zamfara can testify to this claim I have made because not until when some members engaged him at the Zamfara radio during a press briefing his attitude toward inclusiveness for members of his committee remain questionable.

Now as for the Presidential committee, he again shut down everyone and he alongside very few others took some single-handed decisions on behalf of the (32) other members and eventually things are falling apart, and he is still silent on the embarrassing situation he has deliberately caused for the APC in Zamfara state.

I think the Coordinator of the committee Sen. Marafa need to wed into the matter and save the APC from this monumental embarrassment because I learned that the crises had befallen most of the committees including that of Special Duties led by his political ally Surajo Mai Katako and that of Tinubu support group led by Commissioner Abdullahi Spirow.

Right or wrong, the Presidential campaign committee led by Marafa has caused a serious suspicion as to the sincerity of so many APC members in this 2023 APC political journey in Zamfara and the matters arising are too enormous to be ignored on the pages of social media platforms.

I don’t have much to say concerning the submissions made by the Chairman of the standing Committee on Publicity Ahmad Abubakar Maradun because he has taken the bold steps of exonerating himself from the whole “scandals” as alleged.

My major knock would be on one of the members of the committee, Engr. Sani Garba over the leaked audio conversation he had with the Secretary of the committee, Mal. Yusuf Idris and my arguments are for some strategic reasons as follows:

I expected Engr. Sani Garba to call the Chairman of the Committee Mr. Danmalikin Gidan Goga and challenge him over the alleged dubious decisions taken by him on behalf of the rest of the committee members not Yusuf Idris.

In my opinion, Secretary of the committee is an ordinary member of the committee and even if he is part of the “shoddy deal” Chairman is the principal actor on whose instruction everything can be perfected.

Secondly he needs to understand that even if he was not briefed, the N14,000,000 released to the publicity committee is not for sharing alone even though I am not certain but it can’t be!!!

I guessed the money involved payment to media houses who participated in the coverage of the rally as well as other logistic facilities including billboards, maintenance of public address systems, payment of allowances to auxiliary staff engaged as well as committee members.

My medium Thunder Blowers Multimedia services were paid by the publicity committee for the services we have rendered, and I am sure many local media organizations that participated in the campaign rally were also paid by the committee.

I also knew that, some national TV stations had covered the event live at least I have watched TVC Station televising the political rally in Zamfara live, and I am sure it was not TVC alone.

On the morality of the leaked audio conversation, I think it is very unethical of Engr. Sani Garba to leak the telephone conversation he privately had with Mal. Yusuf Idris public without consenting to him.

It is against Islamic ethics as well clear violation of the right of privacy of Mal. Yusuf Idris and I think as much as possible he shall avoid that because his action can be a subject of genuine litigation.

But like I said, as much as Engr. Sani is demonstrating his highest level of comprehension regarding the matter, the Chairman of the Committee Ibrahim Dan Malikin Gidan Goga should be blamed for deciding to keep his committee member in the dark.

In my opinion APC should stop assigning the role of Chairmanship of the publicity committee to people like Dan Malikin Gidan Goga because their actions have demonstrated their permanent incapacitation to lead a successful political team work.

The Governor and indeed all stakeholders in the APC should look for more capable people with foresight to assign them to lead political committees and Chairman of the publicity committee in my opinion must not be a media trained personality.

As for members of the publicity committee, I urged you to exercise restraint and allow the Chairman of the Presidential Campaign Council in Zamfara Sen. Kabiru Garba Marafa to wed into the matter and resolve it amicably.

May God almighty help us all.

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