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Anas Sani Anka
(Personal Opinion)

It may not be out of point to say that all is not well in Zamfara and now for any rational human being who has the interest of Zamfara State at heart must agree that, Zamfara “is burning”.

The circumstance at hand is telling all of us, including those in the position of authority that “nobody is safe”in Zamfara State regardless of the location he leaves.

What happened to us at Wanzamai on Wednesday is a clear indicator that the bandits who can come to the highway and open fire on vehicles plying the road knew nobody who is coming and do not mince your position or status everyone and at any point can fall a victim (Allah ya kare).

You can be a commissioner, legislature, government officials or technocrat, the bandits do not bother who you are or what political party you belong to.

This alone is enough to bring us back to our senses that we should come together to look at this issue beyond political party affiliation.

We have to be sincere to tell those in the position of authority including the Governor and his aides that “Zamfara is crashing” and without apology if the government did not seat well and come up with the right measures to face this challenge head-on we should all forget it.

The recent measures taken by the Governor are no doubt apt and timely, but government need to keep “politics” and “blame game” aside and bring everybody together to chat the way forward for the state.

For Governor Matawalle or any of his political associates to be talking of the past government or be blaming Yari or his government for not doing (A) or (B) to me is out of rational reasoning.

Two years in to the government, we cannot accept excuses of hiding under the mistakes of the past government of Yari to allow the bloodshed to continue in Zamfara.

We are not saying Yari does not make mistakes or took wrong decisions while he was in charge but that should be between him and his creator to account and ours now is to join hand with the government in power to chat the way out of this mess.

Governor Bello Matawalle should understand that he alone has sworn to the holy Quran to protect the lives and properties of the people of Zamfara State without fear or favor, and he alone would stand before Allah to account for his deeds.

So, this alone should tell the Governor that those blocking him from seeing the truth and acting truthfully because of their positions or political appointment they are holding are his real enemies and those who do not wish him well.

People are very much ready to comply with the right measures taken by the government of Zamfara if only their deadly suffering can be brought to an end,, but the government should be honest and sincere in ending this bloodshed so that life can return to normalcy in the state.

But if government shuts down markets, filing stations, schools and enforce restriction of movement without the bloodshed stopping or minimizing to the bearest minimum level, then government should expect resistance from people if their hard conditions persist.

I want to make this boldly clear to the principal actors in the government of Bello Matawalle, especially his appointees that there is no problem with being loyal to the Governor who appointed you if you so much believe in that philosophy, but there is need for them to be softer in their utterances to the people who are vulnerable and helpless to the present situation.

Government like we used to say is born out of social contract one, for those in authority to do the right thing by protecting lives and properties and by discharging their social corporate responsibilities and two for the citizens to be law-abiding.

You cannot expect loyalty as a leader where you fail to secure people and make life better for your subjects.

I am not so much concern about the political behavior of those in government now because the majority of them do not understand that “loyalty is to the people” not “Governor” because Governor is a servant of the people.

In Zamfara the reverse is always the case because those in the position of authority consider “Governor” as the most “supreme” over “the people”. For it is a political ignorance, and cannot be erased easily in the mindset of Zamfara politicians.

But what is important is for the government to be apt and civil in its engagement with the citizens during this trying period.

Pensioners are yet to be paid their August 2021 pension in Zamfara, businessmen are forced to remain indoor hence markets are closed, those who went into menial trading on the daily basis, especially at night, are push out of the streets because of the curfew, so there is need for the government, and its agents to be more civil in their utterances so that people should not feel as if they are under the rule of dictatorship.

As loyal citizens of Zamfara State I said with emphasis we should be ready to support every step taken by the government aimed at ending this bloodshed in Zamfara but government need to be sincere and remove away politics in this issue in the interest of the state.

Borno was under this type of bloodshed situation for years but Zulum is facing the crises with all sense of inclusiveness without mincing those in the opposition and this is what we want in Zamfara not Governor or any of his associates coming on the media to be pointing at politicians or those in the opposition.

I think if the Governor has any intelligence regarding anybody he knew what to do not necessarily coming to the media to be pointing names, it is completely out of corporate reasoning.

May Allah secure Zamfara people and return peace back.

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Zamfara State Acting Governor Sen. Hassan Muhammad Nasiha has paid an unscheduled visit to the Gusau branch of Central Bank on Monday.

The visit was part of the commitment of the Matawalle administration to ensure that the suffering of the people of the state in trying to access cash from banks has been reduced to the barest minimum.

According to the Spokesperson of the Deputy Governor Babangida Umar Zurmi, the Senator expressed dismay with the manner at which people are spending multiple hours at the ATM points trying to access cash for their daily activities.

He therefore urged the CBN to develop ways of getting people out of the present predicament.

In a response, the branch controller of CBN Mal. Buhari Abbas thanked the Deputy Governor for the visit and assured that the needful would be done and cash would be made available in the shortest possible time.

In a related development, the Deputy Governor paid similar unscheduled visits to FCMB,ECO Bank, Zenith and Gt Bank in order to hear from the citizens directly.

He commended the arrangements made by FCMB and ECO banks in trying their best to make money available for customers to withdraw, especially at the ATM Points.

As for Zenith and Gt Bank, Sen. Nasiha expressed dismay over the poor arrangements made for the customers in the two banks and urged them to ensure that Improvement has been made

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Zamfara state Acting Governor Sen. Hassan Muhammad Nasiha has paid unscheduled visit to the state Ministry of Water Resources as part of the commitment of the state government in ensuring potable water supply within Gusau the capital city and its environs.

According to the Spokesperson of the Deputy Governor Babangida Umar Zurmi, the visit of the Acting Governor was triggered by the constant public outcry over shortage of water supply in the capital city.

Sen. Nasiha who commended the effort of the staff of the Ministry for demonstrating serious commitment to duty explained that the high cost of diesel has been part of the reason that is causing inconsistencies in the frequent supply of water.

But he explained that the state government has taken the appropriate steps of increasing the funding of the Ministry because of the reality on the ground.

He urged the ministry to intensify public enlightenment so that people can be kept informed about the challenged faced by the ministry.
While urging the commissioner of Water Resources to forward situation report directly to his office for action, he directed the ministry to ensure transmission of water to Gusau town and environs twice a day.

The Commissioner for water resources in a response thanked the Deputy Governor for the visit and assured him of their readiness to comply with the government directive at all time.

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The decision taken by the Governor of Zamfara to drag the Federal government to court over frustrating conditions caused by the recent policy on naira redesign is absolutely the highest expectation of typical citizens of Zamfara state.

Every serious leader who means well for his people will surely challenge policies that are meant to add into the existing socio-economic frustrations faced by his people.

The suit filed by Governor Matawalle and two others, namely Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna and Yahaya Bello of Kogi is both apt and timely considering the level of hardship people of Zamfara are encountering since the commencement of the implementation of the new policy.

The fact of the matter with the new CBN policy is that, it was introduced with many lapses, and it was a clear demonstration that CBN was abruptly unprepared and by extension it has not taken into recognition the measures to be applied in managing the repercussions that may follow the policy.

The criticisms that trailed the new policy is enough for the CBN and indeed the Federal Government to have a rethink, but it seems Emiefele and his key drivers are doomed in understanding the reality of things in the country.


Currently, statistics has shown that, there are about eight local governments in Zamfara that are without a single branch of a commercial bank: they are Tsafe, Maradun, Birnin Magaji, Zurmi, Shinkafi, Maru, Bukkuyum, Bakura and Gummi.

These eight local governments have an estimate of population of about 3.2 million people going by the 2020 census figure which puts Zamfara population at 5.6 Million people.

Except Gusau the capital city of Zamfara where all the banks except TAJ and Providus Banks have the single branches and partly Talatar Mafara where there are four branches, the remaining four local governments have one single bank each.

Majority of the typical Zamfara populations are rural agriculturalists with large number of them purely into farming and livestock and with this abrupt CBN policy on cash redesign their suffering will rise to the hardest level.

This is couple with the social crises emanating from the activities of the armed bandits that had already crippled the rural economy of the populace and rendered many average wealthy people in the rural community into permanent poverty.

Currently, the hardship caused by the new CBN policy on naira redesign has reached the peak level that small businesses such as Okada riding, Keke Napep operation, tailoring, and local food vendors have shut down their businesses due to non-availability of cash in the hand of the people.

The commercial banks are adding into the frustrations of the people; hence people hopelessly spent hours on queue without getting  their hard-earned cash deposited in the various banks.

The level at which bankers in collaboration with some agents are diverting cash for percentage is also another source of worry; hence customers waited hopelessly without getting cash to settle their immediate family problems.


This development has triggered the anger of the people as they looked inward for the State Governor and other serious stakeholders to continue to raise their voice against the decisions of the CBN and that would be a big step in the right direction.

In our opinion, the Governor of Zamfara in collaboration with the two other Governors should stand their ground to challenge the CBN policy on naira redesign until when the solutions are provided for the suffering of the people of Zamfara.

Matawalle have the backing and support of well-meaning Zamfara people because we believed government need to do what is right for its citizens.

Democratic government is for the people, and it shall be driven by the people, and anything short of this will amount of tyranny.

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