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This medium has received many complaints against the operatives of the sub-committee on “armed recovery and thuggery” led by Aliyu Alhazzai the former Commander of Zamfara Road Traffic Agency (ZAROTA).

The complaint is against the road block allegedly mounted by his operatives along federal mortgage bank housing estate in Daza along Gusau-Kaura Namoda road.

According to one of the complainants who is a resident of the estate where the road block has been mounted “the operatives deployed by Alhazzai have resorted to using force against the commuters plying the road especially motorcycle riders who were forcefully stopped and subjected to paying of fines ranging from (N500) and above.

He said the enforcement of the fine against the motorcycle riders is not the major source of worry to the people, but the forceful manner in which they handled the motorcycle riders, which according to them has become a source of worry to every reasonable human being.

According to the information available to this medium, the operatives used to stop motorcycle riders and asked them to open their petrol tanks and where they noticed the maximum level of the fuel is more than half of the tank they get the owner arrested and enforced a fine on him ranging from (N500) and above.

A confided source told this medium that, for those who refused to pay the fine, they sometimes get their motorcycle arrested and confiscated until the fine is enforced.

The source added that beside enforcement of the fine, they resorted to hitting motorcycle riders with sticks and other hard objects if they refused to stop for search nothing that, there were records of cases where the operatives injured many motorcycle riders and their passengers.

A motorcycle rider interviewed on Saturday along the road said last week Wednesday they battled with one motorcycle rider from “Yar Tukunya village” who refused to stop for search due to the fear oexploitative tendencies and eventually hit him with stick, he got crashed on the road and sustained fracture on his hand.

Another motorcycle rider interviewed the same day who wanted not to be named said, “on Thursday said he has to get two of his friends on bail from the operatives; hence they threatened to seize their motorcycles. They both paid a fine of (N1,000) before they are released.

A resident of the Daza estate who spoke to this medium said, “the operatives of the taskforce are openly doing their illegal deals they bargain for fine and collect money openly from the motorcycle riders and you can stop any one of the motorcycle riders plying this road and asked him of this story he will tell you his lamentations”.

The source added “there is a police officer that was attached to Aliyu Alhazzai since his days as ZAROTA Commander, and he has not been redeployed by the state police command, and instead there was an allegation that he aided the taskforce operatives in threatening the passengers using his police uniform and the official gun”.

This medium took more than a week to closely monitor the activities of these operatives of the taskforce and as at Sunday morning the 26th of December 202l we have taken fresh pictures of their continued operations in the same check point people are complaining about.

This medium has contacted the Secretary of the main taskforce committee set up by the state government, Barr. Abdul Rashid on phone and intimated him whether the taskforce is aware of the development regarding the alleged activities by the Aliyu Alhazzai subcommittee, and he confessed that he has received similar complaints from the public.

He told this medium that he has personally visited the location of the checkpoint and even interacted with the operatives, and also warned them to avoid anything that would tarnish the reputation of the government.

He said the rationale of setting up of the subcommittee on “armed recovery and thuggery is to ensure that movements of arms into the state are detected as well as prevent political thuggery.

He assured this medium and indeed the public that, the main taskforce would continue to watch things as they unfold and make sure that the public are not exploited at this very critical moment of hardship.

It is time the state government and indeed the taskforce take appropriate steps to address the grievance of the people plying that road.

Again, activities of sensitive subcommittee like this one headed by Alhazzai shall not be left unchecked because this usually caused a big panic among the people.

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An hour after the commencement of the PDP primaries in Zamfara three aspirants namely Mal. Wadatau Madawaki, Engr Ibrahim Shehu and Hafiz Nahuche have announced their withdrawal from the race.

They alleged that their withdrawal was as a result of irregularities observed shortly after the commencement of the voting.

One of the Aspirants Malam Wadatau Madawaki said, they are accusing the state party Chairman Col. Bala Mande Rtd of romancing with one of the aspirants alleging that, they have video evidence that, the party Chairman went around the hotels together with the aspirant canvassing for support from the delegates.

He also alleged that, the list brought from the National Headquarters of the party is adulterated with the names of APC members.

He also alleged that one of the members of the committee from the national was captured lobbying for votes from the delegates who cannot write their names on the ballot papers.

They announced that they have withdrawn from race and threaten to file an appeal to the national headquartered of the party for consideration.

They have also announced their readiness to proceed to court if their appeal is not considered.


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Residents of Damaga village in Maru local government area of Zamfara state have cried out for help as bandits continue to launch serial attacks on their community, resulting in killing and abduction of many people.

A source who confided on this medium said for the past three weeks there was no day that will pass without the bandits launching attack either on the Damaga community as a whole or on individuals, especially local farmers.

He said, there are many people from Damaga and other neighboring villages who have been in captivity for sometimes and with the exception of those whose relations were able to raise money for ransom, the fate of those that have been in captivity is yet to be established.

He also said, many were killed especially when they went to their farms as the bandits insisted that, no farmer will be allowed to go to the farm for their agricultural activities.

Furthermore he added that, some residents who felt not secured, have already fled out of the Damaga community for safety.

Effort to speak to Zamfara police spokesperson SP Shehu Muhammad on the issue has failed.

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Two gubernatorial aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party had stepped down their ambition to support the candidature of Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare Gamjin Gusau.

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Zamfara State Barr. Mahadi Aliyu Gusau has announced his decision to step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal via a statement from his former Principal Private Secretary Aminu Umar Game-Game.

He called on all the delegates who are fully supporting him to direct their vote to Dr. Dauda Lawal in the overall interest of the state.

Two days back, another aspirant Abubakar Nakwada Gusau has also announced his formal step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal.

The party primaries which is scheduled for Wednesday is to be contested between Gamjin Gusau and three other aspirants including a retired Director of Education at the UBEC Malam Wadatau Madawaki and former Federal lawmaker Ibrahim Shehu Gusau.

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