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Saturday’s Editorial

Last week in one of our editorial, we have raised concern about the inability of the state Deputy Governor Sen. Hassan Muhammad Nasiha to visit the people of Magazu and condoles them over the recent unfortunate incident that befalls them.

We have also described as unfortunate why none of the four Commissioners and other political appointees including the council sole administrator from Tsafe were able to pay a sympathy visit to the people of Magazu over the attack.

Some people within the government had also raised their voice against our editorial position, but could not deny the fact that, there is no moral justification for government refusal to pay special attention to the people of Magazu town and their predicament.

In fact, there were those with the opinion that the visit to Magazu village by the Deputy Governor was influenced out of the pressure by the media organizations specifically (Thunder Blowers) and more recently by the visit of Dr. Aminu Sani Jaji and his donation of (500) bags of maize and cash to the people of Magazu.

Like we always raised, leadership is not a child play and issue of insecurity shall be taken with all sense of seriousness by the government.

Now the Deputy Governor has gone to Magazu after over a week of displacement and trauma of the armed bandits, I think the government should understand that things related to the plight of the people need to be adjusted in the overall interest of the people of the state.

Now for almost (72) hours, over (40) innocent souls were brutally wasted in Damri community of Bakura local government area of Zamfara state.

About twenty others were also injured and they are currently on admission at the General Hospital Talatar Mafara and to our surprise the acting Governor is yet to visit the community and consoles with them.

Like someone says, if what happened in Damri was an issue of reception of decampees, the Deputy Governor and his entourage will speedily be in Damri village to receive them for sure.

This argument does not need to be contested because the issue of politics has always been the priority of this administration.

Our clarion call to the state acting Governor is to please urgently set his machinery on motion to visit Damri and see things for himself.

Life of state citizens should matter much to the government of Zamfara because it is a social contract between the government and its citizens.

May God almighty secure Zamfara state.

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Managing Editor


The Chairman of the APC Defense Coalition, Dr. Suleiman Shuaibu Sarki Shanun Shinkafi had lambasted Sen. Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura the former Governor of Zamfara state for allegedly backing Senator Gods will Akpabio’s candidature of becoming the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly.

He said the action of Senator Yarima is a clear demonstration of his unending conspiracy against the North and the people of Northern Nigeria by extension.

Sarkin Shanu in a statement issued in Abuja on Thursday insisted that it will be an act of conspiracy and mischief for the Zamfara former Governor, Ahmad Sani Yarima to back a southern candidate for the post of Senate President when he already has someone from Zamfara and a fellow Northerner who is buying for the same position.

He noted that the action of Senator Ahmad Yarima is a clear impression that he is an enemy of the North and the people of Northern Nigeria by extension, adding that Northerners need to be awakened and rise to the occasion before people like Yariman Bakura nail the region down for personal self enrichment.

“Yariman Bakura has demonstrated his strong and extreme disregard for the Northern Nigerian by supporting Sen. Godswill Akpabio as against the candidature of the former Governor of Zamfara Abdulaziz Yari Abubakar, and we are ready to fight him to finishing for working against the interest of the North”.

“The North West in particular has produces over 50% of the votes that produces Sen. Bola Ahmad Tinubu as the President during the 2023 election and now that our own from the region is contesting for the post of Senate President we have no option than to stand firmly behind him and enemies of the North like Yariman Bakura will fail woefully when the time comes”.

“Yariman Bakura has never hidden his personal enmity for the progress of Sen. Abdulaziz Yari and this can be demonstrated since what happened in the 2019 political race and now in the 2023 election when he worked openly against the success of the APC in Zamfara state” the statement added.

“It is shameful of Sen. Yarima to show his political solidarity to Godswill Akpabio in the open world and his action is a clear demonstration that he has declared war against the North and Northern Nigeria and by the special will of Allah Yarima he will be humiliated for working against the North” the statement added.

“We implore Sen. Yari to remain firm and focus and continue to mobilize strongly for his candidature for the Senate President, and we assure him he will emerge victorious looking at the dynamics of the way things are going, the APC zoning arrangement will surely fail”.

“For record, the President-elect is from the South, the Chief Justice of the federation who is the head of the judicial arm is also from the South, so there is no way the North will allow the seat of the Senate President who is the head of the legislative arm to shift to the South again”. The statement added.

He called on Senator Yarima to have the fear of God and leave Senator Yari alone, noting that God almighty has already made Yari the political hero of the current generation.

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A Kano Senator-elect under the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Kawu Sumaila has declared to that APC zoning arrangement was an insult to the Nigerian parliament.

Sen. Kawu Sumaila who stated this on the National Television insisted that, former Governor of Zamfara and senator elect Abdulaziz Yari remain his candidate for the office of the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly.

He stated that, the National Assembly, as an independent arm of the government, should be free from the control of the executive.

“It is an insult for the APC to dictate to me where I will go in the choosing the presiding officers”.

He added that the majority of the lawmakers-elect were already discussing working against the zoning arrangements announced by the APC.

He urged Tinubu not to allow political sycophants to dictate the fortune of things for him.

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The Executive Director Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Center Awal Musa Rafsanjani has described the APC zoning arrangements as announced as an attempt to pocket the 10th National Assembly.

Rafsanjani who stated this in an interview insisted that the culture of imposition of leadership on the national assembly has grave danger to the nation’s Democratic process.

Rafsanjani stated “some people endorsed by the party for leadership have corruption allegation against them, having them as presiding officers in the legislatures will neutralize anti-graft fights and will further erode the public image of the parliament.

“What the President-elect and the APC have done is to completely pocket the legislatures and make them not only rubber stamp parliament but also an extension of the presidency” .

While affirming that CISLAC supported equitable zoning of national assembly leadership seats , it condemned the imposition of individuals on the lawmakers.

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