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For anybody who is a regular user of Sheme-Yankara-Kucheri-Wanzamai-Tsafe road knows fully that the road is no longer safer as bandits can strike at a commuter from any location of the road and at any point in time.

Records have shown that for the past two months, hardly a day passes without cases of either ambush or broad daylight attack on that road by suspected bandits without security agencies taking the most appropriate steps to securing the road.

It could be recalled that, one of the state lawmaker from Shinkafi late G Ahmad was attacked on same road and brutally shot to death by the bandits and several cases of similar attacks on that highway are on the public domain.

Few months after the incident involving the state lawmaker, same bandits laid ambush on the operatives of the Nigerian Army and carelessly killed seven of them.

Again, our managing Editor and Team Lead Dr. Anas Sani Anka narrowly escaped same armed bandits attack when he and hundreds of others were trapped along Wanzamai as a result of hours of armed bandits’ operation along the road in the broad daylight.

Most surprisingly is the manner at which the bandits launched attack on the highway spend hours to abduct and killed people without authorities taking serious measures to securing the road and commuters.

The few checkpoints that were mounted by the police have instead, became source of monetary extortion since the police are only interested in the N50 or N100 they would get from the road users without putting much effort to intensifying surveillance along the highway.

We have listened to the report by the BBC Hausa service this morning and the narrative by some residents over incessant attacks on both the residents and commuters plying the road and to us the lamentations by the residents are not only alarming but challenges that calls for serious action.

To concur with the narrative of the BBC Hausa service, anyone who is a usual traveler on that road in the evening knew fully that, housewives, women, and children are usually spotted trekking bear footed to safer areas along the highway.

It has been on record that all the residents of the villages along that highway from Sheme down Gidan Giye with the exception of may be Yankara do not sleep in their houses due to fear of attacks by the bandits.

The security operatives, especially the Commissioners of police for Zamfara and Katsina need to take decisive measures in securing that all important road before the worst has happened God-forbid.

We are calling on the police Commissioners of the two states to as a matter of public interest orderes for the redeployment of those police officers mounting road block along Sheme, Yankara, Wanzamai, Kucheri, Magazu up to Gusau and replace them with more seriously trained police tactical operatives, so that security of this highway can be enhanced.

In our opinion except for the extortion of the commercial motorists and innocent commuters the police officers operating along this all important highway are of no value to the safety of that road.

It is time for the two state governments of Zamfara and Katsina to either see to the possibility of deploying military operatives along the area or in alternative formed a joint security operatives/squard including members of the local vigilante groups so that the road can be made secured by the users.

Action shall be taken before it becomes too late.

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Former Speaker of Zamfara House of Assembly Sanusi Garba Rikiji of the APC has scored a total of (229) votes to defeat the PDP who polls (61) votes only.

His poling unit is Rumfar Galadima (013) in Gusau the capital city of Zamfara State.

As for the result of the state house of assembly in his poling units, APC scored a total of (232) to defeat the PDP who polls (51) votes.

Rikiji is currently the house of reps candidate for Gusau and Tsafe in the 2023 election, whose election was declared inclusive by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

He is contesting the seat together with the serving members Kabiru Amadu Mai Palace, who is from the opposition PDP.


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The Chairman of Zamfara State Board of Internal Revenue Service, Ali Akilu Dama Bungudu has also delivered his poling unit.

His party the APC scored a total (173) to defeat the PDP who scored (111) votes.

Similar votes were also recorded for both political parties at the level of State assembly elections.

Similarly, Zamfara State Commissioner for Works Rabiu Garba Gusau has delivered his poling units with a wide margin to defeat the PDP.

APC scored (96) votes to defeat the opposition People’s Democratic Party, which scored (16) votes for both the Governorship election and state assembly for Gusau (1) at his poling unit.

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A political ally of former Governor Yari Sha’ayau Yusuf S. Paws has defeated PDP in his Township Primary school poling unit in Talatar Marafa local government area of Zamfara State.

According to an official result sheet, the politician who is a member of All Progressives Congress (APC) scored (502) votes to defeat the PDP who scored (0) votes.

The politician has made history since 2015 by maintaining the only poling units which opposition party has never won a single vote during election.

He repeated the same history during the 2023 Presidential and national assembly elections conducted three weeks back, when PDP failed to score a single vote.

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