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Shinkafi-Moriki-Kaura Namoda road has become one of the deadliest road a typical Zamfara commuter may dream of plying through these days.

For the past one or two weeks, hardly a day passes without hearing a story of armed bandits either attacking commuters on the road or invading communities along the road.

Last week alone we reported through this medium that, Sardaunan Shinkafi posted on his Facebook page that the bandits attacked the road crashes (15) vehicles, sets five of them on fire, killed (6) persons and injured many people conveyed inside one of the Sharon vehicle attacked by the bandits.

Salisu Moriki one of the concern citizens from the area also reported with the saddest emotion that, “in these days, it is hardly to have commercial cars that will board passengers from Kaura to Moriki to Shinkafi for fear of being killed by bandits”.

He reported further, “the bandits are having field days in this road because they now operate at any time of the day. They operate in the morning, afternoon, evening or at night — depends on when they wish to. They are now the unofficial custodians of this road”.

“They have taken several days operating along Kaura — Moriki — Shinkafa way, comfortably kidnapping, robbing and even killing innocent people at will”.

This is really a source of concern to many people of Zamfara because the government need to seat up and redefine it’s strategic security approach in that part of the state considering the level at which the bandits are freely becoming authorities of their own.

We have learned that in Moriki for instance the bandits moved freely and kidnap innocent people and sometimes killed those who resisted their temptation without security agencies taking measures to avert their actions.

As it stands now, many indigents of Moriki who do not stay within Moriki town are prevented from coming back home to see their relations and love ones due to the fear of the bandits attack.

The popular fear among the residents along the area is that if one escapes armed bandits attack along the Moriki-Shinkafi road he may not be certain that he can come out of the town safely

The main source of concern to many of us as stakeholders is the continued lamentations by the residents of the area that there are no security presence along the road and that only local vigilante are seeing patrolling the 50 kilometer highway.

There is need for both the federal and state governments to understand that things are falling apart in that part of Zamfara state and that, unless urgent security measures are deployed to reverse the situation, problems of social insecurity would continue to rise beyond human comprehension.

Last month, after our report of deadly attack along that road, the Police Commissioner Ayuba Elkana visited the road to see things for himself and also boost the morale of the police officers claimed to have been deployed for patrol purpose in the area and we were impressed with the action of the Commissioner.

Surprisingly, however, few days later, the citizens are lamenting that there are no conventional security operatives along that particular road linking Shinkafi with Moriki and Kaura Namoda.

It is on this note we would call on the authorities, especially the security agencies to be apt by providing adequate security personals to patrol the area and ensure the safety of the commuters plying that road.

And we call on the governments, especially the state government to take decisive security approach of making sure that those kidnapped by the bandits are rescued and that those who lost their properties and assets to the bandits have been adequately compensated.

We need to take every security threat in Zamfara with all sense of seriousness, especially the one involving that part of the state because the Shinkafi-Moriki-Kaura Namoda road connect the neighboring states of Kano, Katsina with Sokoto and Zamfara.

Majority of those who fall victims of the armed bandit attacks along the road may not necessarily be indigents of Zamfara but may be innocent commuters plying the road for transit purpose alone.

We again emphasize the need for the Governor to renew his security strategies because the existing ones look defective and are not seemed to have power to address the security problems confronting the state.

We all have a duty to ensure that no citizen from any part of the state is abandoned to his fate when there is government saddled with the responsibility of protecting his life and property.

The essence of government world over is to respond to the yearning and concern of its citizens. It is not about criticizing the government, but it is about calling the attention of the government to do what is necessary, especially where much are expected.

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Associate Editor.

Troops of Operations Hadarin Daji based at Bakura local government area of Zamfara state had succeeded in repelling armed bandits attack on Rogoji and Sikkida communities of Bakura local government area council.

According to a credible source, the armed soldiers, after receiving credible information, moved to the areas and confronted the bandits.

On arrival at the scene where bandits were about to be launched their deadly attack, engaged them in a serious exchange of fire and eventually succeeded in neutralizing the areas.

During the operation, the troops recovered (2) Ak47 rifles and some special ammunition.

The soldiers had also succeeded in recovering some ruminant animals, including cattle, goats, and donkeys.

The recovered animals were successfully handed over to their owners at Sikkida Magaji village.

The source said despite repelling the attack, they remain vigilant of the area to make it safe.


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Associate Editor.

Operatives of the Operation Hadarin Daji had succeeded in rescuing nine kidnap victims along Unashi-Sabuwa forest in Bukkuyum local government area of Zamfara state.

According to an anonymous source, the operatives of the Nigerian military carried out a coordinated operation where they successfully scared the bandits who ran away after sighting the operatives approaching their enclaves.

After fleeing, they abandoned five kidnapped victims, and they were later rescued by the forces of Operation Hadarin Daji.

The victims were handed over to the traditional ruler of Unashi village, and they were eventually reunited with their families.

Furthermore, troops of OPHD deployed at FOB Unashi while on fighting patrol along bandit enclave in Naruba forest in Zamfara state, intercepted 2 kidnapped victims who escaped from their abductors due to the troops operational activities.

The victims were equally handed over to appropriate authority for them to be reunited with their families.

Similarly, troops of Operations Hadarin Daji deployed at Magami while on fighting and confidence building patrol foiled bandits attack and kidnap attempt Dogon Santsi general area.

The bandits escaped into the bush and successfully rescued the kidnapped victims. The victims were handed over to Sarkin Magami and they have been reunited with their families.p

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Managing Editor.

Some suspected bandits armed with deadly weapons abducted over twenty women in Gora Namaye district of Maradun local government area of Zamfara state.

A source who confided in this medium stated that, the women were abducted while working on their various farms at the outskirt of the Gora village.

“About twenty-four of these women are so far set to be in the custody of the bandits, and the figure is not yet determined since more are being searched for.

A source who spoke to Thunder Blowers stated anonymously stated that the bandits had earlier sent a warning that no local should go to the farm for this year’s farming activities and that those who believed they had no option were the ones that became victims of circumstances”.

“It has been the fear of the people that the bandits may execute their bad plans, but people have no choice because going to the farm is the only option for the people of the area”.

When contacted, Zamfara police spokesman DSP Yazeed Muhammad said he will verify to get the details of the incident before responding.


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