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We are compelled to raise this perspective for the purpose of record that, the detention of the suspended Emirs of Zurmi and Dansadau allegedly by Zamfara state government is completely a situation that calls for concern, especially looking at the conflict of interests that trailed the entire decision.

When the government announced their suspension over allegations of having connection with armed bandit activities sometimes in June last year, many people applauded the effort of the government for taking the most appropriate decision.

Suspension in criminal allegations is usually instituted to allow room for thorough investigation and at a speed point, the state government set up committees led by the former Deputy Governor Malam Wakkala and DIG Mamman Tsafe to investigate the matter and report back within two weeks.

Ordinarily and for many of us who are familiar with the operation of the government we knew it has taken the most appropriate steps, and we believed two weeks are adequate for the committees to investigate the allegations calls for witnesses and also forwarded report to the government for action.

But most unfortunately, the detention of the Emirs was extended beyond human consideration and the government was not mindful of the simple fact that, “an accused persons under Nigerian constitution are presumed to be innocent unless convicted by court”.

The two weeks investigation was cleverly extended to almost ten (10) months and without the government taking it as a moral duty to keep the people of Zamfara, especially the families of the detained Emirs updated about the development and living conditions of these monarchs who have been detained on yet to be established allegations.

As if we are not living under a democratic system, nobody cares to talk on behalf of these people by simply asking the government to be more concern about their fundamental rights to living, association with their family members and also dignity and expressions.

Neither the NBA nor the human right bodies care to talk about the injustice against these individuals who have been detained for ten months without arraignment and prosecution.

And because the society does not care more about the activities of the government, especially when it comes to observing the rights of others, the state actors went and sleep with these people in detention and with their family put in serious psychological trauma.

With the little effort and pressure mounted by some concern individuals and organizations including (Thunder Blowers) government was forced to awake in determining the fate of these traditional rulers.

No one is saying “they are not guilty of the allegations raised against them” but government should also be mindful of this simple fact that it is its responsibility in the spirit of natural justice to ensure speedy investigation and determination of issues raised against these people.

If they are guilty, appropriate procedures should be taken to get them prosecuted and if they are not,, they should be set free and get them reunited with their family members.

Funny enough, two weeks back we learned that the monarchs are to be arraigned before state magistrate court (1) and we followed up the matter only for us to realize that government is more than disorganized in the matter.

First of all, the police came to court with yet to be prepared charges and after some close door sessions and knowing fully the matter could not be determined by the magistrate based on the provisions of Zamfara Law No (7) they were returned to their detention base with agreement that they would be re-arraign the next day.

We came back with full force for the police to make the formal arraignment and get the matter transferred to the appropriate state high court, but only for us to be briefed by the counsels that the matter has been shifted to Thursday last week.

Thursday last week again, we learned that there was change of decision to arraign the two monarchs before the State Upper Shariah Court Samaru Gusau.

We waited again they could not be arraigned there for hours and nothing more again, but we later got the full pictures of what transpired between the state Ministry of Justice and Police.

Suddenly again, we have another dimension of the whole matter which is presentation of report of the committees that investigated the matter which was conducted Monday (yesterday).

Ordinarily, one will ask on what grounds will government arraign these people without collecting the reports of the investigation committees from the initial stage? because it is the report that will establish whether the accused is guilty or not?

Confidentially however, we have learned that the two committees have exonerated the Emirs based on the facts before them (we are not sure) but even if they are not exonerated, what sopped the government from collecting the reports and make the content of the report public for long so that public can be in clear picture of their true level of involvement in what the government is alleging against them or otherwise.

Now the government is cut in between arraigning the Emirs in court or setting them free if they don’t have the right charges to prosecuted them.

But the question that begs for answer is, whether the government is fair to them “in the principles of natural justice”?

Let’s assume they are set free for lacking in evidence to prosecute them in court, what would happen if they drag the government to court also seeking for enforcement of their fundamental human rights?

Will government also accused them of sabotage? If it does, then with which sense of morality? .

I think it is advisable for the current administration to be careful about matters involving human right because they are capable of bringing the imagery of the government down and also influence the people to loss hope in the sincerity in totality.

The case of the dethroned Emir of Maru Banaga Abubakar Chika Ibrahim is a clear one. He was detained for allegations yet to be established by the same government of Matawalle, and he is now before the Court of Appeal seeking for Justice.

The recent judgement of the Federal High Court Abuja on the dethroned Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is enough to tell the government that, you can neither detained nor varnish an emir just like that and deny him the privilege of exercising his fundamental rights provided for him by the Nigerian Constitution .

Now the reports of the committees that investigated the two Emirs have been received by the government, people of Zamfara should keep their eyes on the watch and see what steps the government will take to ensuring justice to these prominent citizens of Zamfara.

May Allah guide us to the right path.

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An hour after the commencement of the PDP primaries in Zamfara three aspirants namely Mal. Wadatau Madawaki, Engr Ibrahim Shehu and Hafiz Nahuche have announced their withdrawal from the race.

They alleged that their withdrawal was as a result of irregularities observed shortly after the commencement of the voting.

One of the Aspirants Malam Wadatau Madawaki said, they are accusing the state party Chairman Col. Bala Mande Rtd of romancing with one of the aspirants alleging that, they have video evidence that, the party Chairman went around the hotels together with the aspirant canvassing for support from the delegates.

He also alleged that, the list brought from the National Headquarters of the party is adulterated with the names of APC members.

He also alleged that one of the members of the committee from the national was captured lobbying for votes from the delegates who cannot write their names on the ballot papers.

They announced that they have withdrawn from race and threaten to file an appeal to the national headquartered of the party for consideration.

They have also announced their readiness to proceed to court if their appeal is not considered.


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Residents of Damaga village in Maru local government area of Zamfara state have cried out for help as bandits continue to launch serial attacks on their community, resulting in killing and abduction of many people.

A source who confided on this medium said for the past three weeks there was no day that will pass without the bandits launching attack either on the Damaga community as a whole or on individuals, especially local farmers.

He said, there are many people from Damaga and other neighboring villages who have been in captivity for sometimes and with the exception of those whose relations were able to raise money for ransom, the fate of those that have been in captivity is yet to be established.

He also said, many were killed especially when they went to their farms as the bandits insisted that, no farmer will be allowed to go to the farm for their agricultural activities.

Furthermore he added that, some residents who felt not secured, have already fled out of the Damaga community for safety.

Effort to speak to Zamfara police spokesperson SP Shehu Muhammad on the issue has failed.

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Two gubernatorial aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party had stepped down their ambition to support the candidature of Dr. Dauda Lawal Dare Gamjin Gusau.

The immediate past Deputy Governor of Zamfara State Barr. Mahadi Aliyu Gusau has announced his decision to step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal via a statement from his former Principal Private Secretary Aminu Umar Game-Game.

He called on all the delegates who are fully supporting him to direct their vote to Dr. Dauda Lawal in the overall interest of the state.

Two days back, another aspirant Abubakar Nakwada Gusau has also announced his formal step down for Dr. Dauda Lawal.

The party primaries which is scheduled for Wednesday is to be contested between Gamjin Gusau and three other aspirants including a retired Director of Education at the UBEC Malam Wadatau Madawaki and former Federal lawmaker Ibrahim Shehu Gusau.

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