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My attention has yet again been drawn to the spurious allegations leveled against myself and my predecessor in the Ministry of Education, Muttaka Rini by Hon Sani Abdullahi Shinkafi, the newest Special Adviser to the Zamfara State Excutive Governor on Inter Governmental Affairs. 

In as much as I wouldn’t want to join issues with this writer of the attached petition whose reputation as a hatchet man is fast gaining ground, I feel duty bound to make the following corrections lest he goes and embarrasses us all in the EFCC office. As a responsible citizen of the State, I will be devastated if a high ranking Government official ends up making a fool of himself in the presence of small boys. 

1) Prior to his deployment to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in January 2018, Muttaka Rini has been responsible for running the affairs of the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs since the beginning of Shehi’s Administration in 2011. He was not the Commissioner of Science and Technology in 2017 as erroneously stated in your unsigned letter which serves as one of the supporting documents in your petition. So in essence Muttaka couldn’t have been in a position to make this request  in that capacity as of the time you claim. 

2) Between the period December 2015 and January 2018, I was the Commissioner for Education and can unequivocally confirm to the best of my knowledge, without fear if contradiction there has never been such request through my office or any of the parastatals which was directly under my supervision. 

In as much as I feel deeply hurt and highly scandalized by the contents of the petition, especially the vague reference of some guy’s name that sounded like mine, I still want to believe the petition couldn’t have originated from someone who ordinarily should be wise enough to know better. Afterall malicious allegation is still an offence under our laws. 

I’m not a friend of Hon Sani Abdullahi Shamba Shikafi on Facebook so I will like someone who is to please ask him the following questions on my behalf:

1) On what basis did Hon Muttaka Rini a serving Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs as of 2017 when the  attached letter was written, apply and obtain an approval for a supply contract in another Ministry under the supervision of another Commissioner?

2) How long did the Transition Committee assignment last and why would any Commissioner apply for approval from a Transition Committee rather than the Executive Governor who has been in office for 2 years as at 2017 when the letter was written?

3) Why did the Transition Committee address Muttaka Rini with a position that was never his? Did they make a mistake?

4) Why was the voucher (which is part of your supporting documents to the EFCC) processed at Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources (see reference NANR on the top corner) and not the relevant Ministry? Since when has purchase of books become the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture?  

5) What is the Charcoal needed for? Is it supposed to replace Chalks in classes since cooking for students hasn’t been part of Ministry of Education’s responsibility. 

6) Why was the account numbers concealed in the bank transfer document? If the SA can go to the extent of mentioning names of individuals, why not go the whole hog? 

On a final note, I wish to call on Sani Shamba to either provide substantive information on my culpability or in his best interest retrieve this malicious petition and also tender unreserved apologies to me with immediate effect. 

I’m aware power intoxicate… amma har da na Special Advicer? 

Ta’kadarin yaro kawai! 

Mouktar Lugga 
Wamban Maru
June 2020

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The PDP gubernatorial candidate in Zamfara Dr. Dauda Lawal has denied the comments made by some unscrupulous political agents on the social media that his meeting with the former Governor of Zamfara Ahmad Sani Yarima in london has some political inclination.

Gamjin Gusau who spoke through his campaign team said, he has never met with Yarima in England to discuss politics rather he and Yarima met at a Friday mosque where the wedding of the son of the former Governor was conducted.

“Gamjin Gusau met with the former Governors of Zamfara and Gombe Ahmad Sani Yarima and Danjuma Goje after a Friday prayer in London and as Muslims they waited and exchanged pleasantries”.

“Apart from exchanging pleasantries, no discussion of whatever kind politics or otherwise took place between Gamjin Gusau and former Governor of Zamfara Ahmad Sani Yarima”.

As regard to the rumor that Dauda is planning to defect to the APC the campaign team of Gamjin Gusau said “ this type of reasoning is the least of what the common sense can accept. Gamji is a gubernatorial candidate of the PDP in Zamfara , and he has no business whatsoever with the APC since his motive is to ensure that the APC is defeated out of power come 2023 in Zamfara state”.

The campaign committee, alleged that “APC is sponsoring this campaign of calumny because the power brokers within the party have lost control of the affairs of Zamfara and they are scary of the growing popularity of the PDP”.

The campaign committee therefore urged the public to disregard such political insinuation because it is a figment of imagination of the people of doom”.

Gamjin Gusau urged the teeming PDP supporters to continue to work tirelessly in ensuring the success of the PDP, noting that because Zamfara PPD is waxing stronger, APC is busy spreading lies and rumors that are meant to cause confusion in the polity.

He thanked the well-wishers for their concern and assured them of his commitment to continue to spread the good manifestation of the PDP considering it’s growing political popularity in the state.

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Daily News




The Secretary of Sabon Gari ward Alh Sani Ahmad Shatima has alleged that there was no executive committee meeting of the ward that took place which resulted to the suspension of the state secretary of the party.

According to the letter addressed to the state Chairman of the PDP dated 31/7/2022 copy which was issued to this medium, the Secretary asked the party to dis-regard such letter because it was a mere figment of imagination.

“Such forged letter that was viral on social media on 30/07/2022 should be disregarded in totality and appropriate measure should be taken to deal with such unscrupulous elements that were sponsored by opposition to tear our noble party apart”.

He also asked the Chairman to past track action aimed at arresting the situation and get the matter resolved amicably in the interest of the party.

He insisted that what the party PDP needed is to move in unity and ensure that it has succeeded in the battle ahead of the 2023.

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The former Director General in the administration of Governor Abdulaziz Yari in Zamfara state Junaidu Muhammad Anka had cautioned the former Deputy Governor Mukhtar Ahmad Anka not allow some desperate politicians to use him and ignite crises of division within the All Progressive Congress in Anka.

Junaidu Anka who spoke during a Thunder Blowers TV show Da Wache Kazo insisted that those trying to raise this unnecessary controversy over who lead the APC in Anka is uncalled-for since the tradition of political hierarchy is obvious.

“By convention Sen. Lawal Daniya is the high-ranking politician and by implication he is the party leader in Anka and there is no reason for anyone to doubt this submission “.

“Those trying to use Mukhtar Anka as tools to ignite political tension within APC in Anka are real enemies of the party because there is no reason why this issue shall be risen for now”.

“Even where Sen. Daniya decided to resign from this status by convention member state house of assembly Yusuf Muhammad Anka is supposed to shoo-in as the APC leader in Anka so I don’t understand why some people are trying to drag the former Deputy Governor into unnecessary political log-jam”.

“The former Deputy Governor is supposed to understand that, by his status he is more or less like a father, and he is supposed to pay more attention to state politics not politics of Anka local government because he is bigger than it and I pray he shall see reasons not to allow some clueless politicians to smear his political reputation for their selfish political gains”.

“If they insisted on this argument that Mukhtar Anka is the APC leader in Anka we will also raise alarm that our leader is Ibrahim Babangida Turnuku Anka because it was he who was leading us before the reconciliation“.


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